Home Security Camera System

When it comes to buying a surveillance system the market has many options to offer. We are going to walk through a basic example of what to consider when buying a security camera system.

security camera home installation

The job was to install 5 cameras on a one-story house. The client wanted to cover both the back, front, sides and the garage. The placement of the cameras was a simple set up.


  • 5 Cameras
  • DVR
  • 500 Feet of Cat 6 Cable Spool
  • BNC Connectors

These are a core basic set of items needed to complete the installation. The next part is planning the wiring correctly to avoid damage from external sources to the security system.

The links above are for standard affordable camera systems. These are the one that the client bought before hiring us to do the installation.


  • Ladder
  • Wire Splitter
  • Hammer Drill
  • BNC Connectors
  • Safety Glasses
  • 3M Respirator
  • Basic Drill Set

Tools get the job done. This is a basic list of tools needed to complete the job. The smaller details of what items are missing from the list comes with experience.


The images that follow are from the same job that was completed. The client was extremely happy with his installation including the mobile access.

Annke Desktop Remote Access View Annke Dome Camera Screen View 3 Annke Dome Camera Screen View 4